Our Expertise

PitchME is a young start-up consulting firm composed of a reduced and experienced team of specialists in European R&D and Innovation funding schemes, such as Horizon2020.

We are experienced in designing project proposals by writing sound business documents with the objective to persuade evaluators and investors.

We have years of experience in non-refundable European project frameworks and we only focus on deep-tech innovation projects.

We are experts in Horizon2020 innovation funding schemes, such as EIC Accelerator (previously SME Instrument), Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), Innovation Actions and Eurostars.

PitchME founder, Giacomo Barolo, worked for renowned innovation consultancies by securing more than €8 million funding in the last 3 years.

We provide a range of services, from defining funding strategy to writing successful project proposal.

millions funding last 3 years
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team of experts in European funding

Our Value Proposition


We are specialised in European R&D and Innovation funding schemes in the Horizon2020 framework. Our remarkable approval rate results from our long-lasting experience in this specific field. We know the “rules of the game”, we know the professional profile of who evaluates your proposal and we know how to write persuading documents. We know what questions evaluators must answer in the evaluation grid and we know the right vocabulary to use to convince them that yours is the best business idea of the call.


If you ask for funding is because, likely, you do not have much. We are aware that tech-based start-ups have limited financial capabilities initially. This is why we offer our services by charging you with affordable upfront fees. Our real profits come if and when you receive the funding. This means that you do not have high upfront costs and that we have a strong incentive to succeed together. 


We offer proposal writing services for the most competitive funding instruments, such as EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument), where the average success rate is between 3% and 5%! This is why we only work with deep-tech start-ups with high-impact projects. We accept a low number of proposals for each call, in order to be 100% committed for our clients. We always seek mutual benefit.

Our Customers

Medical device company who has  developed  a device for efficient diagnosis of gastrointestinal malignancies.

Energy company who has developed a new electrolysis system for cleaner, affordable and highly efficient hydrogen production.

Patented smart charger device to increase smartphones’ battery lifetime, prevent fire accidents, and provide cross-brand flexibility.

Safe, affordable and instantly installable underwater photovoltaic pool management and lighting system.

3D mapping software platform for geospatial data visualisation and management in smart cities.

Robotised, smart and movable passive security system to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks.

They are developing Grapghoo, an artificial intelligence assisted SaaS for concept architectural design.

Our Partners

Promalaga (Spain)

The biggest incubator in city of Malaga and one of the most important in Spain. It provides support to hundreds of start-ups with funding support, private investments, mentoring programs and coworking spaces.

Moment Holding (Norway)

Moment Holding is an accelerator and investment company focussed on early stage growth/potential scale up companies and established companies looking for new growth opportunities.

Aristos Consulting (Spain)

Innovation consulting firm specialised in Horizon2020 projects. Aristos and pitchME often collaborate in some project proposal preparation.